A story-teller and thought-provoker, Angie's keynotes are inspiring, funny, and down to earth.


How to Get Unstuck

Health and wellness is more than just eating the right foods and getting exercise. When we're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or fatigued - we need a push to help us become unstuck.
​The Healing Compass can give you that push. We will cover:
  • Understanding the connection between your body, mind, heart, and soul and the snowball effect that can plague all of us.
  • An approach to happy, healthy living that's based on one key concept: KEEP IT SIMPLE.
  • Tools to discover and overcome personal roadblocks
  • How to build a personalized plan to start down the road of living your life to the fullest!

Learning to Love Grey Skies

We tend to waste our time and our precious lives wishing for Friday... or summer... or a magical tomorrow where we finally have our *crap* together.
But we're missing our best days. We're letting Life pass before our very eyes.
Our "messy middles" fill the majority of our days. In this talk we will cover:
  • An actionable three-step plan to help us make the most of today.
  • How Yesterday and Tomorrow get in the way of our happiness.
  • Why we shouldn't always be making Lemonade out of the lemons life throws our way.

Find Your Drumbeat

Finding "balance" can feel like a search for the mythical unicorn.
What if we focused our energy on discovering the rhythm of life instead?
Angie offers hands-on advice and strategies to thrive within the rhythm of our days, weeks, months, years, and seasons of life. ​
In this talk on forgetting balance and focusing on flow, we will cover:
  • The importance of book-ending your days
  • How to flow between rest periods and get'er done periods
  • The secret ingredient to letting things fall into place instead of constantly reinventing the wheel

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