Confessions of an Anti-Napper

body Oct 07, 2019

Standing at the kitchen counter, I yawned for the 27th time and thought about making another pot of coffee. I glanced at my to-do list and calendar one more time, noting that nothing fit in the “urgent” category… “Maybe I should have a nap…” I thought to myself.

And I did. This story could just end here, but what fun would that be? Let’s talk about the decades I spent more or less refusing to nap all because I had no clue how to listen to the signals my body was sending me.

Here’s the thing. I still don’t enjoy it. While others wake up from their naps with a smile and stretch, feeling like a million bucks, I wake up like this:

I come out of my slumber, super groggy, laying beside a pile of drool and my throat is caked in some weird phlemgy concoction. Gross. Everything about it is gross. It takes me at least 15 minutes to snap out of my post-nap grog, at which point I finally get that elated feeling of “oh,...
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