I can help you feel like yourself again...

Have you found yourself stuck in a rut?

Swept up in life's busyness, wearing all-the-hats, desperately wanting to get off this hamster wheel that's spinning out of control?

I get it... I've been there.

I felt constantly overwhelmed with zero energy.
My health was on the rocks, my emotions were all over the place, and it felt like all I was doing was getting from one day to the next.


And then I found my Compass - and my way out of the rut... 
learning that there is no cookie cutter approach, no one size fits all.


It doesn't have to be so hard. We can start feeling healthier and happier, starting today!


I'm here to show you YOUR Compass, and shine the light on your unique path!

"The Healing Compass landed in my life just as I reached the bottom of a pit... I was very lost, suffering awful anxiety and had no idea how to live anymore. Angie’s story helped me to know that not only was I not alone, I did have the strength to heal if someone would just, with empathy and compassion remind me where to find that strength. And that’s what the Healing Compass does. Angie’s worksheets kept me focused on daily tasks and activities that were healing to me like yoga, meditation, reading, spending time in nature etc and kept me accountable to myself when all I really felt like doing was hiding in bed swilling Pinot Grigio. I think when we tell our stories, we empower other to tell theirs and this is the greatest gift of The Healing Compass. Thank you Angie."

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